Greenway Steering Committee

Cindy Hardin

Sarah Hays

Member, Urban Design Committee member for Expo Line Phase 2

Robert Jeffers

Arts + Humanities Small Learning Community Lead Teacher and EcoClub Advisor, Susan Miller Dorsey High School 

Travis Longcore, Ph.D.

Science Director, The Urban Wildlands Group

Associate Professor (Research), University of Southern California, Spatial Sciences Institute

Lecturer, University of Southern California School of Architecture

(Affiliations designated for identification purposes only)

Sean McMillan

Heyler Realty

Annette Mercer

Science Coordinator, Overland Elementary School for Advanced Studies

Damon Nagami

Senior Attorney/Director of Southern California Ecosystems Project, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

Jonnathan Padilla

Lilliam Paetzold

Principal, Notre Dame Academy Elementary School

Marilyn Tusher

President, Westwood Gardens Civic Association

Jonathan Weiss

Community Member

David Wendell




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